The founding partners of the practice are Abigail Ashton and Andrew Porter.

Ashton and Porter both graduated with distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London in 1994. Their joint diploma project Mechanical Landscapes was awarded the Bannister Fletcher Medal for best Bartlett diploma project and they subsequently won the Royal Institute of British Architects Silver Medal for best national diploma students. The project was exhibited at the Architecture Zentrum, Vienna and the Aedes East Gallery, Berlin.

In 1995 Ashton and Porter collaborated on their first project together. The ‘Petrie Museum of Egyptology’ in Bloomsbury was a limited competition and they were awarded Second Prize. Their first built commission was in 1998 for ‘Formation Studios’ and, since then, have completed a number of residential and commercial commissions in the UK as well as prize winning competitions both nationally and abroad.

Cook & Hawley Architects
From 1995 to 2000 they both worked for Cook & Hawley Architects and then Christine Hawley Architects on a variety of projects. They were principally project architects for the Kitagata Social Housing project in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Kitagata was a £13m project for 107 apartments within a larger housing complex master-planned by Arata Isozaki Associates. It is widely published internationally. In addition, they worked on a number of prize winning international competitions. For Cook & Hawley Architects the first prize winning competition for a ‘Museum for Roman Antiquities’ in Pfaffenberg, Austria and the ‘Federation Square’ Competition in Melbourne. Other projects for Christine Hawley Architects included the first prize winning masterplan competition for Salford University and a shortlisted Congress Centre for the EUR district in Rome.

Hawley + Porter
Between 2003 and 2007 Andrew Porter collaborated with Christine Hawley CBE on a numbers theoretical and competition projects as Hawley + Porter. During this period Christine Hawley and Andrew Porter also jointly developed a proposal for a new £35m building for the Bartlett School of Architecture.

From 2007 to 2010 Ashton and Porter created and practised as Metamode; which was a collaboration with Christine Hawley and a chinese partner. Metamode was a design group for exploring new urban models and speculative architecture in South East Asia. The group has been invited by both local government departments and developers to investigate new models for urban development in Mainland China. They primarily undertook direct commissions, funded research and invited competitions for concept and planning stages of work. Metamode worked in multi-disciplinary teams and formed joint collaborations with both local architects, contractors and developers. They also collaborated with CABR (Chinese Academy for Building Research) who are the largest research and development institute in China. Metamode won the ‘Hakka Museum and Culture Park’ in Heyuan City in 2010 and, in collaboration with the Shenzhen practice UNIT, the ‘A8 Tower’ in Shenzhen.

Ashton Porter Architects
Since 2010 Ashton and Porter have practiced solely as Ashton Porter Architects (APA). In addition to continuing to develop speculative competition proposals their primary focus is on building award winning commissions in the UK.

Ashton and Porter have also taught at various schools of architecture and design including visiting Professorships at the Staedel Academy in Frankfurt am Maim; they currently teach at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL. They jointly teach Diploma Unit 21 and Porter is Deputy Director of Post Professional Masters Programmes at the Bartlett.

The partners have been joined by a number of talented architects, assistants and collaborators.
The design of every project the practice undertakes is overseen by both partners. One partner will oversee a project through from concept to completion and staff are allocated depending on the scale and work stage of the project. Once allocated, and wherever possible, staff will be involved in all stages of a project’s development.

Current and past staff include:

Sarah Alfraih
Ioana Barbantan
Nick Blomstrand
Sarah Brighton
Naomi Bryden
Hsiu-Ju Chang
Chih-Yin Chen
Haeseung Choi
Chia Yi Chou
Rachel Cruise
Harrison Dunn
Emanuele Del Mondo
Giada Galvan
Alex Gazetas
Joel Geoghegan
Canzy El-Gohary
Mina Gospavic
Costa Elia
Subomi Fapohunda
Tim Furzer
Julian Huang
Phil Hamilton
Doug Hodgson
Tom Holberton
Zak Keene
Arati Khanna

Rina Kukaj
Paul Legon
Joanna Levy
Ren Luo
Michael Mader
Tomo Ogata
Lucy Paton
Allison Piehn
Nick Pocock
Matthew Potter
Davide Rachello
Amrit Rajbans
Ned Scott
Peter Sienkowski
Jasmin Sohi
Yukihiko Sugawara
Filipa Valente
Rae Whittow-Williams
Nicholas Wood
Hui Ye
Jih Fu Yu
Hiroaki Yoshida
Sandra Youkhana