Kitagata Housing, Gifu

A project by Christine Hawley Architects Abigail Ashton and Andrew Porter were project architects for Christine Hawley Architects on the Kitagata Housing project. The proposal for 107 new social housing units in Gifu Prefecture that was part of a masterplan for a new town quarter by

Mechanical Landscapes

Abigail Ashton and Andrew Porter first collaborated on their joint diploma project "Mechanical Landscapes" whilst 5th year students at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. The project was sited in a quarry located on the Pfaffenberg Mountain, Bad Deutch Altenburg on the Austrian Border

Petrie Museum

An invited international competition judged by Lord Richard Rogers, Itsuko Hasegawa and Enric Miralles. The project is sited in Bloomsbury, London and occupies an empty plot adjacent to the Bloomsbury Theatre. The Petrie Museum houses one of the worlds largest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology.

Grand Egyptian Museum

An international open competition judged by Sir Peter Cook. A proposal for the Grand Egyptian Museum to house an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts adjacent to the pyramids at Giza. This global museum allows worldwide access through interactive webcams. Each visit of the virtual visitor is


An international open competition. A proposal for a landscaped park that renovates the existing highline structure in New York. The highline is a 1.6 mile long elevated steel structure that weaves across twenty blocks of the westside Manhattan. Orginally used to carry trains to the docks


An unrealised house for a film director. The project is located at an end of terrace in a typical Victorian London Street. The vacant plot is extremely narrow and had remained undeveloped. Rises in property value inevitably made the viability of the project possible. With

Urban Park, Stockport

An open competition. A project to masterplan the regeneration of two central spaces in Stockport: Mersey Square and St. Peter's Square. The squares are under-used and suffer from bad connection to the existing civic amenities. The submission was shortlisted to the final four and described by the

Dublin Docks Tower

An open international competition. A project for a landmark building at the entrance of Dublin Docks. The tower accommodates commercial and residential uses in the main body with a recording studio for U2 on the penthouse level. The lower levels house predominantly leisure and retail spaces. Cafes are

EMVS Housing

A invited competition by Hawley + Porter. The central theme is to create a low density development supported by a vibrant street culture, serving both the immediate residential development and the wider local community. The main thoroughfares around the site are through arcades that have frontage to

Pan Gyo Housing

An invited competition by Hawley + Porter. Competition organised by the Korean Housing Corporation. A project for 400 house units spread over an 800m long site in a provincial Korean new town. The project is located on a challenging sloping topography and a series of housing and