Mechanical Landscapes

Abigail Ashton and Andrew Porter first collaborated on their joint diploma project "Mechanical Landscapes" whilst 5th year students at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. The project was sited in a quarry located on the Pfaffenberg Mountain, Bad Deutch Altenburg on the Austrian Border

Petrie Museum

An invited international competition judged by Lord Richard Rogers, Itsuko Hasegawa and Enric Miralles. The project is sited in Bloomsbury, London and occupies an empty plot adjacent to the Bloomsbury Theatre. The Petrie Museum houses one of the worlds largest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology.

Grand Egyptian Museum

An international open competition judged by Sir Peter Cook. A proposal for the Grand Egyptian Museum to house an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts adjacent to the pyramids at Giza. This global museum allows worldwide access through interactive webcams. Each visit of the virtual visitor is


An international open competition. A proposal for a landscaped park that renovates the existing highline structure in New York. The highline is a 1.6 mile long elevated steel structure that weaves across twenty blocks of the westside Manhattan. Orginally used to carry trains to the docks

Urban Park, Stockport

An open competition. A project to masterplan the regeneration of two central spaces in Stockport: Mersey Square and St. Peter's Square. The squares are under-used and suffer from bad connection to the existing civic amenities. The submission was shortlisted to the final four and described by the


An international open competition by Metamode. A proposal for a new Museum of Contemporary Art for Shenzhen. The building is designed as a cultural icon for the city. Situated within the heart of the Shenzhen Civic Centre yet within sight of the landscape beyond the city's

Tokyo Fashion Museum

An open competition for a Fashion Museum in the shopping district of Aoyama in Tokyo. Our proposal was to cut 100m strips from the city in the 4 directions from the site perimeter. Each strip will act as a digital pattern for the façade of the


An international open competition. Awarded Runner-up Prize Judged by Michael Sorkin and William Menking. 339 Lafayette Street is the spiritual home of the peace movement in New York, and is affectionately known as the PeacePentagon. The War Resisters League, Paper Tiger TV, The Women's International League for

Nanshan Cultural Centre

An invited competition by Metamode. A proposal for a new Gallery and Cultural Centre for Nanshan, a district in the Shenzhen special economic zone. Nanshan, traditionally known as Nantou, was is a traditional fishing village focussing on the oyster and pearl industries. The port of Nanshan was

Guggenheim Helsinki

The proposal takes inspiration from three key localised aspects of differing scales. The first scale refers to the local city grids of central Helsinki, the second to the edge that forms the peninsula that marks the metropolitan area of Helsinki and the third to the