Grand Egyptian Museum

An international open competition judged by Sir Peter Cook.

A proposal for the Grand Egyptian Museum to house an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts adjacent to the pyramids at Giza.

This global museum allows worldwide access through interactive webcams. Each visit of the virtual visitor is recorded to video. During the daytime opening hours of the museum these nocturnal videoed virtual visits are played back. They are projected on huge screens at the entrance of each gallery zone. The multitudes of moving images are a trace of the virtual visitor and give their fellow real visitor both a glimpse of the contents of each gallery and a sense of the activities of the distant virtual visitor.

For Ancient Egypt solar monotheism was at the core of its belief system. The Grand Egyptian Museum uses a series of mirrors to track the path of the sun (heliostats) to capture light and reflect it through the Grand Foyer and down onto the lower reservoir of the water park sited on the north façade of the museum. This water is shaded on the north side by the building and is punctuated by shafts of light. As cars and buses arrive they pass along the façade of the museum and through this park.




Cairo, Egypt.


Shortlisted International Competition