Hakka Museum and Culture Park

An invited competition by Metamode. Awarded First Prize

A proposal for a 6000 sq m Museum of Hakka Culture, a 20,000 sq m City Library, a 3,200 sq m Planning Exhibition Hall as well as a 1.3 km strip of landscaped park in Heyuan City. Heyuan is the fastest growing municipality in Guangdong Province and is well known as a centre for ancient Hakka culture.
The Hakka are Han Chinese people whose ancestors are said to have originated in the Henan and Shanxi provinces of northern China over 1,700 years ago. In a series of migrations, the Hakka settled in Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces in southern China. Subsequently they were central to Chinese migration globally in the last century.
The proposal takes reference from the forms of the celebrated Hakka rammed earth wall architecture, and is geometrically defined by the location of major centres of Hakka population throughout the world.




Heyuan City, China


Competition - First Prize