An international open competition by Metamode.

A proposal for a new Museum of Contemporary Art for Shenzhen. The building is designed as a cultural icon for the city. Situated within the heart of the Shenzhen Civic Centre yet within sight of the landscape beyond the city’s edge, the building reflects both the order of the city and the natural geometries of nature. Within this vocabulary the sinuous form of the roof, establishes a clear and identifiable profile for a building of this status. However the footprint of the building envelope recognises the orthogonal geometries of the civic space to form an open cultural plaza at ground level. The structures for both the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Planning Exhibition (PE) are distinctly separated and elevated to provide space that hovers above the plaza, enabling optimum flexibility of movement, views and orientation. This is seen as both an urban precinct and a continuation of the external landscape.




Shenzhen, China