OCT Wuhan Theme Park

An invited competition by Metamode.

OCT are China’s largest and most innovative theme park corporation and are now ranked number 4 in the world by attendance.
In 1989 OCT created ‘Splendid China’ in Shenzhen, it was a theme park that showcased Chinese culture and included 25 ‘village’ exhibits and featured information on 57 Chinese ethnic groups. Whilst this park was inward looking OCT soon recognised China’s interest in the international world and, with a population that had restrictions on travel in mind, they developed the ‘Window of the World’ alongside ‘Splendid China’. This became China’s first theme park complex and covers a 9.6 sq kilometre site. ‘Window on the World’ is an extraordinary amalgamation of famous sites from around the world and includes large scale versions of the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and Venice.
Since then OCT have developed the ‘Happy Valley’ chain of theme parks in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai amongst others.
OCT invited Metamode to make proposals for a new park ‘Happy Valley’ them park in Wuhan.
The project looked at developing ways in which a theme park, which is usually made up of a series of disparate elements, could be given a strong urban identity. The proposal developed previous ideas of the super-skin and developed a mega scale animated surface that both housed the central programmatic elements for the park and became a dynamic information wall. The floating skin both broadcast graphics and park information on its external surface and live video of activity on its inside surface. The rgb panel system would be the worlds largest animated building surface. Park users could also text vote for their favourite rides and this information would be displayed as a dynamic graphic at the park entrance.




Wuhan, China