Petrie Museum

An invited international competition judged by Lord Richard Rogers, Itsuko Hasegawa and Enric Miralles.

The project is sited in Bloomsbury, London and occupies an empty plot adjacent to the Bloomsbury Theatre. The Petrie Museum houses one of the worlds largest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology. It owned and run by University College London.
An 8 storey media-canyon has been created on the south face of the Bloomsbury Theatre. This space articulates a new major route from Gordon Street to the main University building, either to the cloisters level, or the upper courtyard between the Bernard Katz building and the main library. Adjacent to the canyon is a series of flexible exhibition, museum and gallery spaces. A new foyer infiltrates the Bloomsbury Theatre at ground floor level and a new restaurant runs along Gordon Street at basement level. The media canyon provides a single entrance condition for all activities – the exhibition, museum, theatre and restaurant. Within the Media Canyon is a vertical exhibition of museum artefacts, temporary exhibits and projections. There is the constant reference to this collage wall, as it snakes its way up the canyon, from either the new spaces created in the Bloomsbury Theatre or from the new museum and galleries,




Bloomsbury, London


Competition - Awarded Second Prize