Underwing workshop

A small pottery studio located on the side addition of an 15th century barn. The wing is believed to originally have been an open animal shelter attached to the original oak frame barn on or about the time of its original construction. The barn is a classic haymaking barn with large full height barn doors to allow the haymaking wagons to drive through. The main barn is remodelled to reinstate the original rear barn door. The later 19th century infill walls to the side wing were removed to create a glazed corner with uninterrupted views of the gardens beyond. Silicone framed glass creates a seamless surface to allows the retained roof to hover delicately on the side of the main barn. The dilapidated structure is propped by a discreet cantilever steel frame and the existing oak roof structure is carefully preserved to juxtapose with the simple palette of contemporary materials.




East Sussex


Listed Building