An international open competition.

A proposal for a landscaped park that renovates the existing highline structure in New York. The highline is a 1.6 mile long elevated steel structure that weaves across twenty blocks of the westside Manhattan. Orginally used to carry trains to the docks and warehouses of the meat-packing district, it is now planned to transform the derelict structure into a pedestrian route with accommodation for various cultural and civic activities and periodic access points onto the street below. The vertical skyline of NYC defined by a painting of electric light bulbs is turned through ninety degrees to make a new 1.5 mile horizontal painting of light along the surface of the highline. A series of light boxes are inset into the grid of the highline and are in a constant state of flux according to certain stimuli. The light boxes respond to the local conditions. The dynamic of car movement under the highline creates a ripple of light along the highline. The light echoes are created by car passing through simple beam-breakers. In the day the light boxes echo by agitating reflective surfaces that cause sunlight to flicker.




Manhattan, New York


Shortlisted for publication and exhibition.


Grand Central Station Terminus in 2003. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2005. Lot No. 1287.