A refurbishment to a Grade 2* listed house in East Sussex. The house, known locally as ‘The Georgian House’ was later remodelled by Edwin Lutyens under Norman Shaw. Shaw’s work was notable for its neo-Adam decorative plasterwork and Lutyens remodelled for Shaw in the style he mockingly referred to as ‘Wrennaisance’ with it’s overly elaborate English Baroque stye.
The project proposed a series of isolated insertions to act as separated new elements from the existing building fabric.
A cnc resin machined installation forms an island workstation as part of a kitchen conversion to one of the remodelled saloons. The decorative motif of the cherub, found on the ornate fireplace and plaster friezes’ was 3D scanned and a section was cut from the resulting digital point cloud to form a profile for the island front panel.
A second oblique cut was made through the profile. This digital ‘smear’ distorts the figurative section of the cherub such that it is illegible to the viewer on arrival in the space. The ‘corrected’ cherub section is then only visible from a single oblique viewpoint embedded secretly within the room.




East Sussex, UK


Listed Building